петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

Letters of Flesh

"Letters of Flesh" - logo and poster for my friends from http://www.lettersofflesh.com/.
I create for them many illustrations and design stuffs. Just take a look at: www.lettersofflesh.com
"Letters of Flesh" is an art project for creative writing, which stared a few weeks ago. Young authors write short, sharp, both  romantic and obscene stories about the people and the events of the present. I joined their ambitious project to create a new platform for the young generation of writers and painters and want to invite you to their first literary reading on December 22-nd at 17:00 in Plus Tova, Sofia, Marin Drinov 30. There you'll have the chance to meet us, to hear some of their stories live, see some of my newest paintings and of course to enjoy a glass of wine in a cosy atmosphere :)

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  1. Hello,

    Your post is very unique and look awesome, Good job. all information about calligraphy writing is very useful for me to improve my handwriting.

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  2. Hello Jack!

    I'm very happy to hear so!

    Wish you Good Luck with your handwriting! You can always contact me for advices or any help :-)