петък, 31 август 2012 г.

Font inspired by my wall art...I used same shapes and curves in the letters, same circles and same colors...I did these paintings already two years ago,  but I hope they are still  on the same place giving good mood to the people!

петък, 24 август 2012 г.

New Logo for Bulgaria

 My proposals for "New Logo of Bulgaria", for the design competition "BG Logo for 1Lv." I used the elements which I love most in our land...the mountains, the traditions, the folk music - all in one! That's the Spirit!
I hope you will like it! From more than 80 participants in this design competition, I'm in the first 5 (Top 5!)!!!This makes me feel really proud and proves that if you do everything in your live with passion and love the results are coming by them selves!

петък, 17 август 2012 г.

сряда, 8 август 2012 г.

The castle of my dreams...

Cover for book with Fairy tales. That is my favorite castle ever - Neuschwanstein, Germany. If I were Princess I would live there for sure :-)